Supporting Our Coaches
Through Challenging Times

90 Days of Free Access
(No Credit Card Required)

We’re concerned about this COVID-19 emergency, and we know you are, too.  
Let us help you by providing a safe “virtual workplace” through the Soar coaching platform.

Letter from our CEO

At Soar, we believe that our mission to uplift humanity has never been more critical than it is now during this pandemic.

As you and other business professionals take on the responsible challenge of social distancing, you rely heavily on technology to stay connected with your clients and continue to run your business. We understand this can’t slow down business, and it doesn’t have to. We can play a key role in helping our coaches, consultants and trainers get through this COVID-19 emergency by providing a totally safe, “virtual workplace” through our platform.

Soar is offering 90 days of free access (no strings attached) to our “virtual workplace” platform to anyone needing assistance. This includes:

- Free Automated Scheduling
- Free Zoom Conferencing
- Free CRM Functionality
- Free Client Billing (after credit card processing fees)

This gift is made possible by the more than 100 investors in the current crowd-funding campaign.

Your clients need you more now than ever... let us help you stay connected.

As Abraham Lincoln said in a time of great adversity: “The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.”

Paul Allen
Soar Founder & CEO

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