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Individual coaching

Soar Coaches and Strengths-based Coaches provide expert training and coaching services in a wide array of specialties.

Are you in a career transition and unsure of your next step? Have you been out of the workforce, or feel left-behind, and want to reboot? Would you like to optimize your communication skills and better assert your business leadership? Coaching can also help with issues in your personal life, such as a family transformation, a financial crisis or personal loss.
Research studies demonstrate that 80% of individuals who receive coaching report optimized self-confidence, better relationships, improved work performance and enhanced communication skills.
Soar professional coaches and Strengths-based coaches will help you understand your unique talents and bring outstanding improvements in all areas of your life and career. Take a few minutes to Sign up Now For Free to be matched with your Coach.

Our platform hosts the largest Strengths-based Coaching Community. Strengths coaches on Soar will help you understand your unique strengths, and ignite opportunities and fulfillment in every aspect of your life and career.

Enterprise & team coaching

Soar Coaches and Strengths-based Coaches engage directly with leaders, teams, and individuals within organizations to optimize their efforts, their workplaces, and their business performance.

Is your organization striving for efficiencies and sustainable practices that drive exponential value? Do your leaders know their strengths and how to identify areas of focus? Our professional coaches and Strengths-based Coaches engage with employees to clarify objectives, increase contribution, ignite strategy, and build exceptional paths to success. Through coaching, leaders, managers, and employees can focus on increasing their effectiveness and deepening their impact.
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Soar Enterprise & Team Coaches will optimize your organizational offerings, and create new processes and sustainable practices that bring greater success to your employees and culture.
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Soar Coaches and Strengths-based Coaches are present on every continent. Whether for the next board meeting, a career transition, or in pivotal decisions, our top-tier coaches are trained to unearth the talents of individuals and business teams.

We continuously expand our platform with leading-edge technologies that enable matchmaking and sustainable relationships between coaches and clients.

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Every coach should have the tools and confidence they need to succeed. You don’t have to keep struggling to wear all the hats, all the time. Join Soar so you can focus on what you do best, and build the business of your dreams.