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Led by former Gallup Strengths Evangelist Paul Allen, Soar is the preferred platform of professional coaches from all coaching horizons: Gallup Certified Strengths Coaching, Personal Development, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Team Training, Finance, Career, Performance, Wellness & Health, Life Coaching, and many more.

We know that the right match is key to the success of a coaching experience. That's why we connect Soar coaches with individuals and teams that best match their core expertise.

Soar will help you be more efficient, so you can scale your business and transform lives. Upon joining Soar, you will be invited to create your public professional profile page, which will help you increase your business expsure.

Our team will introduce you to a Coach Community and mentors, so you can network and collaborate with others in your field.
Finally, Soar teams will continuously expand tool kits, offerings and business services that will help you focus more on coaching your clients and maximizing human talents.

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"At my very first Soar event I connected with another coach and a month later we collaborated on an event that made me $7000. And that is just the tip of the iceberg."

-- Josh Brechheisen

"Thanks to a SOAR Strengths Evangelist in NYC, I have the opportunity to facilitate a Strengths workshop In Paris for a global cosmetics company."

-- Maureen Rabotin

"You'll be happy to know I used my newly-found sales techniques and booked a new 6 month client!"

-- Monique Catoggio



✓ Free listing in the Soar Coaching directory

✓ Profile page with clients ratings and reviews

✓ Keep 100% of client revenue from clients who find you

✓ Select up to 3 categories for your coaching practice

✓ List your certifications and credentials

✓ Subscription to coaching newsletter

✓ Monthly webinars from leading coaches on Soar



✓ Full benefits of free membership

✓ Join exclusive roster of coaches being represented by Soar sales team

✓ Soar customer success team will reach out to your Dream Clients on your behalf (watch video)

✓ Membership in Coaches Mastermind Group

✓ Admission to local events with potential clients

✓ Automated tools for nurturing prospects and leads into clients

✓ Weekly webinars on business success by renowned coaches

✓ Access to full webinar library



✓ Full benefits of free and Pro membership

✓ High profile listing on

✓ Strengths movement page and mailing list for your community

✓ Platform for designing events to generate revenue and new clients

✓ Marketing support from Soar to help you sell out your local events

✓ Access to Soar leaders to speak at your events

✓ Free attendance at all evangelist training events for 12 months

✓ World class training by Jamie Librot, Joe Thomas, Bill Graham and other experts

✓ Be a featured guest on Soar podcasts and webinars

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Join the movement. Share the love and tell everyone you care for they are unique and have valuable talents to share with the world. We are working to add more of your inspirational stories and the tools we all need to reach our fullest potential.