Coach Testimonials

Our coaches and customers love Soar, and we want to share that love with you.
Cynthia Stewart
EverMore Services
Through Soar, I've met some of the best people on the planet and expanded my community globally, I am greatly enriched by being a part of Soar. Plus, my membership has already paid for itself!
JW Rayhons
Joshua Development
I recommend joining Soar to grow your coaching business with tools that can help you be more effective, and a network of professional coaches around the world dedicated to uplifting humanity.
Traci McCausland
Follow Your Strengths
The coaches, consultants, and trainers involved in Soar are bright, driven, and loyal. I’ve really enjoyed the connections, collaboration, and friendships I’ve built by engaging and growing with the Soar team.
Jeff Williamson, Ed. D.
CMG Group
Soar has enhanced my personal and professional life the last 2 years with dozens of rich, authentic connections with other coaches and terrific people. I look forward to the future serving with Soar.
Dawn Landry
I joined Soar because I truly believe in its vision to offer a platform in which anyone, anywhere can reach their best human potential. The sky is the limit with Soar!
Kat Frati
Your Life Coach
The personal connection to other SOAR coaches is fabulous. Essentially, I feel like I have virtual colleagues all over the world, and love when we can chat on the phone or meet up in person.
Jon Kovac
Amplified Minds
I have absolutely loved my experience working with Paul Allen and his partners. Through Soar, I've built friendships and partnerships with several coaches who've all helped me scale my business.
Sue Ellen Sweeney
Life Mastery Consultant
Soar has helped me get more clear on who I am, who I serve and how to present myself as a coach. I also collaborated on a webinar, which was a new experience for me - and a great opportunity for growth.
Kristen O'Shea
O'Shea Strengths Coaching
Collaborating with other Soar coaches has given me confidence to move forward with difficult business decisions - including proposals, pricing, contracts, hiring name it!
Dana Look Arimoto
Settle Smart
Being invited to speak at a SOAR event was incredible! Paul is a tough act to follow, but now I can say the founder of and has opened for me!
A'Lisa Tello
Pikes Peak Coaching
An HR Director contacted me through the website. After doing just one workshop with them, my Soar membership has nearly paid for itself!
Rhodi Cate
Balcony Coaching
I am so grateful for Nate's help with my account set-up. He was full of patience, & without judgement on my lack of tech skills. Since then, I've set up meetings, sent invoices, and gotten paid so easily!


Every coach should have the tools and confidence they need to succeed. You don’t have to keep struggling to wear all the hats, all the time. Join Soar so you can focus on what you do best, and build the business of your dreams.