June 14, 2019

Sandler Training Announces Major Partnership with Soar

Major partnership with Sandler Training, a world leader in sales and development training.
June 14, 2019

Soar Announces Major Partnership With Sandler Training

SILICON SLOPES, UT — Soar, an AI-powered platform that unlocks human potential by helping individuals discover strengths, tools, and people to succeed and find happiness at work and in life, today announced a major partnership with Sandler Training, a world leader in sales and development training. 

Sandler has trained more than a million sales people since the 1960s and has hundreds of franchisees in more than 30 countries. Each year, they deliver more than 500,000 hours of training to sales professionals around the world. 

The partnership of Soar and Sandler brings out the best of both companies. People use the Soar platform to connect with a coach who perfectly fits their exact strengths profile while enjoying the benefits of the proven Sandler methodology, a methodology that uses reinforcement to change behaviors, develop new attitudes, and improve techniques. 

“I have been an admirer of Sandler Training for decades and have implemented their training with sales teams throughout my career,” says Paul Allen, CEO and founder at Soar. “Having the chance to partner with them to create an AI-driven coaching process based on Gallup’s StrengthsFinder has already proven to bring new benefits that weren’t previously possible for either company.”

Dave Mattson, Sandler CEO adds, “We’ve consistently been impressed with the technology that Soar offers. When we saw how easy it was for people to find the exact coach they need based on their strengths and the strengths of the coach, we knew we wanted to integrate our networks with the platform. This truly is a new horizon for both teams.”

Soar and Sandler have already begun implementation and are offering the ability for sales professionals to quickly find the Sandler training they need. Those interested can visit  https://Soar.com/Sandler to see this partnership in action. 


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