October 22, 2019

Soar Raises More Than $1.5 Million to Build an AI Powered Platform for Individual and Group Development

Seed funding led by Graham Weston, with contributions from some of the most successful business minds today.
October 22, 2019

SILICON SLOPES, UT — Soar, an AI-powered platform that unlocks human potential by helping individuals discover strengths, tools, and people to succeed and find happiness at work and in life, today announced Seed funding led by Graham Weston, with contributions from some of the most successful business minds today. Graham Weston, former CEO and Chairman of Rackspace, has been a strengths-based leader for over a decade, making him one of the first leaders to adopt the framework in his business ventures. 

Weston’s interest in StrengthsFinder (created by Gallup) began after he read books on the topic and integrated the framework into his work. “My life completely changed,” he said. For the first time, he realized that he didn’t need to be exactly like his business hero, Jack Welch, to find success. He could instead play to his own individual set of strengths. Weston integrated the StrengthsFinder framework into Rackspace, which grew to more than 6,000 employees before a successful $4.3 billion buyout in August 2016.

Weston invested in Soar to bring personalized coaching to millions of individuals with the hope that they will see how to obey their strengths in the workplace and find their own way to success. He’s eager to see how this model will expand the thriving legacy of StrengthsFinder into communities that haven’t experienced it yet. 

All other investors in this round are CEOs who, like Weston, use the StrengthsFinder framework in the companies they invest in, and believe in the social impact. One of these investors is Nick Greer, CEO of Skipio, an automated text and voice messaging company. Greer says that Soar’s mission is central to his daily work. “I feel like it is my responsibility as an entrepreneur to empower people in ways they’ve never been empowered before,” Greer said. “Soar makes it easier than ever to scale this process.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with this round of investment — particularly because it’s led by CEOs who deeply believe in the mission of Soar,” said Paul Allen, Soar’s founder and CEO (and founder of Ancestry.com). “Soar brings the success these entrepreneurs have seen and infuses it into humanity across the globe by connecting people with an AI powered platform providing a strengths-based experience, personalized to the individual, helping them succeed in teams, Companies and in life.  This approach of focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses, dramatically boosts employee engagement, productivity, and profitability.”


Soar believes in the greatness and unique potential that exists in each person on the planet. As the world's top human development platform, this mission is to uplift humanity, unleashing and maximizing every person's strengths, helping them reach their full potential.



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