January 10, 2020

Top AI and Voice Tech Event Select Soar’s Mark Tucker to Speak

Mark Tucker will be presenting at the prestigious Project Voice Conference held in Chattanooga, TN.
January 10, 2020

SILICON SLOPES, UT — Soar, an AI-powered platform that unlocks human potential
by helping individuals discover strengths, tools and people to succeed and find
happiness at work and in life, is pleased to announce that Mark Tucker will be
presenting at the prestigious Project Voice Conference held in Chattanooga, TN.

Project Voice is the #1 event in voice tech and AI in America, so asking Mark Tucker,
Soar’s Leading Voice Architect, was a natural choice. With over 25 years of experience

in the software design space, Mark’s passion for voice technology began
in 2016 when he first learned about Amazon Alexa. He really caught the attention of
Amazon after creating code templates to help others and later started the Phoenix
Alexa Meetup and was selected as an Alexa Champion. Tucker was also recently
selected as a Bixby Premier Developer and as one of the top Technologists in Voice
by Voicebot.AI

“We’re all so happy for him.” said, Brad Pace, Chief Experience Officer at Soar. “Mark
is a true innovator and visionary in the voice computing space. Pace went on to say
of Tucker, “He’s always pushing the envelope in what can be done with voice and
building features that have never been seen before.”

Working at Soar is a great fit for Mark as they continue to try to push what can be
done in the voice and AI space. Soar is poised to explode using voice technology to
allow people to conveniently access content wherever they are and use it
interactively. Soar’s mission to connect people to curated content is the perfect fit
for Mark’s skills.“I enjoy working with cutting-edge voice solutions.”

Tucker said, “Working at Soar has been great because we have the vision of how this

technology can really benefit humanity.”

Projects Voice will gather together 3,000+ executives, marketers, developers,
strategists, media, analysts, VCs and enthusiasts. The conference will focus on best
practices, gathering intelligence on various voice ecosystems and networking
across a diversity of sectors and industries between January 13-17 th Chattanooga,
TN. For more information about Project Voice, visit www.projectvoice.ai

Soar believes in the greatness and unique potential that exists in each person on the
planet. As the world's top human development platform, this mission is to uplift
humanity, unleashing and maximizing every person's strengths, helping them reach
their full potential.



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