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Our mission is to help every person on earth reach their full potential. To help you get there faster we have collected the best content, coaches and will create a community of friends to join you on this glorious journey. Yeah, we know it’s a crazy idea. Maybe just crazy enough to change the world.
Join Soar in our mission to unlock human potential, so we can make the 2020’s the best decade yet.
Paul Allen, Founder & CEO
Please read our manifesto and consider this an invitation to join the movement!
SOAR Manifesto
We are all born for greatness.
We believe humankind is good, but being a kind human is better.
Working together, we will uplift humanity.
We will achieve this by focusing on what is right with us and not what is wrong. We will focus on our strengths because that is where we can make the greatest difference in our relationships, community and world. We choose to see the positive in others and invite them to join the movement to live their best lives. We are all connected and need each other to reach our potential.
We will never stop growing and sharing our gifts
because lifting others will make our world a better place.
Hand in hand,
we will soar.
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Coming Soon for Soar Members

Life Design
Interactive activities that will allow you to create a Vision Map, Mission Statement, Personal Board of Directors, and Goal setting tools just to name a few. We’ll help you plan your success.
Find a Coach
Search thousands of certified coaches who are trained to help you get results. Get a free 30-minute consultation and a satisfaction guarantee on all your coaching sessions.
Uplift Content
The Soar Human Development Library connects all Soar members to the best uplifting content through webinars, podcasts, articles, e-books and more.
Soar Uplift
Get free access to hundreds of hours of the most inspirational audio content in history. Instant access to famous speeches, personal notes, memories and more with just a few voice commands to your Alexa device.
Online Courses
Every Soar member will have access our free and paid online courses to help you thrive in all areas of your life. All courses are carefully crafted by industry-leading coaches and experts.
Soar Community
Interact with a whole world of people who want to reach their full potential. The Soar social network focuses exclusively positivity and our strengths, so everyone can have a safe place to focus on helping each other thrive.

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