Our Soar Family Loves Us

Our coaches and customers love Soar, and we want to share that love with you.
Josh Brecheisen
Career Coaching
I highly recommend Josh for his success mindset training as well as his ability to connect with vast audiences.
- J. Kovach JR
Bob Kantor
Executive Coach
Bob has provided invaluable coaching, advice, and immediately applicable tactics to aid my growth as an IT leader.
- K. Steele, CIO Cars.com
Kathy Kersten
Career Coach
I've been able to advance my career as well as deal with organizational/personnel issues in particular roles. I highly recommend Kathy for teams and organizations as well as personal coaching.
- Tmac
Erin Bentley
Career Coach
Erin did an amazing job of helping me discover my strengths and how to use those to accelerate at my job. She also taught me how to use those to interact with my clients and others around me.
- Eric
Ellie Tabibian
Career Coach
Mrs. Tabibian was a godsend who helped me identify my passion and instructed me how to guide this passion in the career choice that I am involved in today
- F. Hernandez
Consuela Munoz
Executive Coaching
Consuela is a true coaching professional. She introduced a new program for S.C. Johnson. This new program taught our employees how to use our Strengths!
- Carol S.
Jennifer Vancil
Career Coach
Every conversation has led to my "seeing" something I hadn't seen before and has inspired me to take immediate action on some aspect of my life and business.
- Dr. V. Lopuch
Ed Miller
Family Coach
Ed helped me build a stronger relationship with my son by showing me how to reach the heart of my child. Ed has a gift in teaching others who care for kids to be a great coach to their own kids.
- Lisa D.
Jill Wesley
Speaking Coach
Jill was instrumental in every step of crafting my TEDx talk: from finding the big idea, to making a sharp script, to delivering a compelling narrative with passion to grab the audience.
- Mar. C
Michael Dauphinee
Career Coach
Michael is one of the best coaches in the world! He masterfully integrates powerful questions with poignant advice that leaves inspired and challenged at the same time
- Danny K.


Every coach should have the tools and confidence they need to succeed. You don’t have to keep struggling to wear all the hats, all the time. Join Soar so you can focus on what you do best, and build the business of your dreams.