Soar with your Strengths

People who find their strengths and learn to work with them report a 6x increase of engagement at work and are 3x’s more likely to report having a high-quality of life.

Join the 22,000,000 people who have found their super powers

We believe every person on the planet has unique talents to offer the world.

What Do You Do Best?

You can answer questions like: How can I improve my skills? How can I improve my problem-solving? How can I improve my time management?

Understanding your strengths is the key to reaching your potential

Discover your natural talents that make you unique and then work with a certified Strengths coach to help you apply your skills across all areas of your life.

Find the perfect fit from thousands of certified coaches

Browse through thousands of Certified Strengths coaches by location, topic and expertise that will help you reach your potential in your professional and personal life.
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3X Times Happier

Those who know what their individual strengths are and how to live by them are 3 times more likely to report a high quality of life.
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Find Your Coach

Soar hosts the best professional coaches in the world and the most innovative technologies to connect them with individuals and teams.

"Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid" - Albert Einstein

Ed Miller
Family Coach
Ed helped me build a stronger relationship with my son by showing me how to reach the heart of my child. Ed has a gift in teaching others who care for kids to be a great coach to their own kids.
- Lisa D.
Ellie Tabibian
Career Coach
Mrs. Tabibian was a godsend who helped me identify my passion and instructed me how to guide this passion in the career choice that I am involved in today
- F. Hernandez
Josh Brecheisen
Career Coaching
I highly recommend Josh for his success mindset training as well as his ability to connect with vast audiences.
- J. Kovach JR

Uplift Humanity

We believe in the unique greatness that exists in each person on the planet. Our mission is to unleash human potential and empower everyone to thrive in ALL areas of life.
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