Employee Turnover Costs Employers $160B Every Year.

Did you know that replacing one employee can cost your company as much as twice their annual salary? Add that to the fact that high-performing employees produce 4 times the results as the average employee, even losing one or two key players can have an enormous impact to your business.

Employee development pays off

We believe the most successful companies create an environment where expectations are set, relationships are genuine, and everyone is accountable. When everyone is engaged and growing, everyone wins.

Building Managers

Employees leave managers not jobs. What if every manager in your company could build a team that attracted and kept the best talent?

Culture Wins

Learn the warning signs of employees that are looking to quit.Being able to identify and address the signs that your employees are becoming less engaged with their work could save you big. Studies show a decrease in productivity, willingness to long-term projects and a drop in overall enthusiasm are indications employees may be looking to move on.

Create a Happy and Healthy Place

The well-being of your environment has a great impact on turnover, burnout and dissatisfaction. Empower your managers to create and maintain a happy, healthy workplace.
Plan Your Team WorkshopPlan Your Team Workshop

Building Something Better Together

Today more than ever, we have a responsibility to ensure every individual is comfortable, safe and is heard at work. Learn how to include and celebrate each member of your team.
Plan Your Team WorkshopPlan Your Team Workshop

Learn the Language

Establish a common language for your team to communicate while maximizing each team member’s natural abilities. We help everyone realize their role in the team culture and for opportunities to improve it.

Growth Is Always Worth It.

Bob Kantor
Executive Coach
Bob has provided invaluable coaching, advice, and immediately applicable tactics to aid my growth as an IT leader.
- K. Steele, CIO Cars.com
Consuela Munoz
Executive Coaching
Consuela is a true coaching professional. She introduced a new program for S.C. Johnson. This new program taught our employees how to use our Strengths!
- Carol S.
Ellie Tabibian
Career Coach
Mrs. Tabibian was a godsend who helped me identify my passion and instructed me how to guide this passion in the career choice that I am involved in today
- F. Hernandez

A Brighter Tomorrow Starts Today

Are you invested in growing the leaders you will need to step forward tomorrow? A successful future means you start planning today. Learn to identify and develop future leaders today!
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